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createdat3am's Journal

Creativity Above And Beyond
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Any and all things spurred by creativity.
Quite a few years ago, on a music sharing site called Audiogalaxy, in the conversation threads only available upon searching for a certain thought inducing band, a mindset was born in me that, while actively short lived, left a lasting impression. The thread got to be so big from so many contributions that it left a successor. And another. And another. And another. The thread spawned so many others that I lost count but the central idea in all of them remained the same: to express one's creativity with the tools at hand.

People would post anything in these threads that they could think of though were generally limited to just text being that the internet was still in its adolescent years back then. With the advent of things like Livejournal, I realized I had some hope in resurrecting the little renaissance we had shared there especially in that the options are now hundredfold with the ability to post anything from text, pictures, videos and any combination thereof and more. Help me revive that little sanctuary of the mind once again. Help me revive Creativity.


Regarding the name, that's my own personal touch. I speak from experience when I say that the wee hours give birth to some of my most intricate creations. Probably yours too.

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